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It was a dreary, starless night, with the sky choked by a thunderstorm. Cecil observed the malicious storm roar across the beautiful valley, which was covered in Lilies. Cecil was careful not to crush these sacred flowers, as the deity of the land treasured these plants. The senile elders of the village warned him of the God that planted himself on the top of Mount Cherico, a massive mountain that lie at the other end of the valley.
Cecil was a very curious boy, someone who asked many questions and wanted to learn as much as he could. He often got into a great deal of trouble, as he had no respect for boundaries and was uncomfortable with his position as a farmer. It was these attributes that provoked him to perform a terrible sin - something that would surely lead to his undoing.
In his time of need, the frail elders told him that such a sin could only be washed away on the icy tops of Mount Cherico. There he would have to pray with his eyes shut to God of the mountain, where he would be exonerated of any wrongdoing. The wise elders left him with one last warning - knowing too much will lead to damnation.
Cecil was a victim of youth, and in his carelessness crushed one of the holy Lilies - much to Cecil’s disdain. The warnings of the elders echoed in his head, which pestered him to cover up the evidence. His outfit lacked pockets, so the clever Cecil hid the dead plant within his jaws. If he had buried it, the Old One would know. He had difficulty swallowing the flower, so the young man kept it under his tongue.
Time consuming and perilous, the climb to the top of the mountain was a challenge the ignorant human hadn’t faced before. Once the impatient Cecil reached the top of the mountain, he spotted a cave - the entrance to the domain of Charagrog. With his eyes closed, the naive Cecil wandered into the unnatural cavern.
He wandered forward into the slimy, moss covered cave, which reeked of sulfur. Eventually, Cecil found a granite stairway that led him to an ancient altar - there lied the slumbering Charagrog. Eyes still shut and hands clasped, Cecil started to pray for forgiveness. His words woke the God, and it’s presence disturbed Cecil. He felt things that no mortal man should feel - alien sensation beyond the comprehension of human beings.
Cecil by his nature was a sinner, someone who is easily conquered by temptation. Cecil couldn’t help himself, and so he opened his eyes. He saw Charagrog in all his otherworldliness, and opened his jaw in shock. The crushed Lily fell out of his mouth before the timeless being, provoking it’s infinite wrath. What happened to Cecil could not be described or understood by the mortals of the Earth, but his remains were scattered throughout the valley.

                                           The End
   This was a little Lovecraftian story that I wrote as a commission for bd648, something that I did enjoy writing. I hope all of you like it! By the way, feel free to tell me your thoughts below. 
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